Drilling Software


Measurement While Drilling:

Modern DSP Technologies Inc. uses its expertise in the areas of signal processing and estimation to offer novel solutions for measurement-while-drilling (MWD). Our real – time software solutions provide robust performance in severe drilling environments and high levels of signal distortion.MDSP developed real–time software modules using special filtering approaches together with latest signal manipulation techniques. The developed modules provided exceptionally significant enhancement in oil fields.

MDSP recently licensed one of its modules to a major oil service company which is presently used for EM-MWD in directional drilling processes. The deployed software module showed robust performance at a wide range of harsh environments. Modern DSP Technologies Inc. is currently working on testing other modules that will be licensed shortly. Our team at Modern DSP Technologies Inc. is prepared to work with your company to provide customized software solutions that will boost the performance of your MWD system and open new business opportunities.

Signal restoration of real field signal using the MDSP software