EMT-Denoise: Accuracy. Reliability. Expansion.

Tough environmental challenges require groundbreaking solutions—that’s why we created EMT-Denoise. This innovative signal processing software solution is designed to extract weak EM-MWD signals from severe background noise, opening new market areas and business opportunities for MWD tools. Flexible and integrative, EMT-Denoise can be easily embedded inside the surface system software.


  • Substantially improves measurement accuracy and significantly reduces the probability of downhole failure
  • Reliably detects and extracts attenuated EM signals—even when they are buried in high levels of noise
  • Provides accurate and reliable operational capability in poor measurement conditions
  • Integrates with any EM-MWD surface system software
  • Aids signal detection and extraction based on the employed transmission coding scheme
  • Opens new market by expanding areas where MWD tools can be deployed

EM-MWD Performance Enhancement: Adaptive Channel Equalization

Using our pioneering transmission-coding scheme, this system provides aided signal detection and extraction.


• Compensates for severe signal distortion caused by challenging ground formations

• Provides robust performance in severe drilling environments and high levels of signal distortion

• Compensates for multipath and interference effects on the received signal

Measurement While Drilling Custom Software Design:

If you want over 40 years of combined experience and globally recognized experts to craft a custom solution for you, look no further. Modern DSP Technologies creates software solutions for EM-MWD and Mud Pulse MWD tools to solve specific tool operation problems related to signal extraction and decoding.

Signal Conditioning and Analog to Digital Conversion:

Modern DSP Technologies employs enhanced data extraction based on the latest digital processing techniques. Our hardware module handles sensor outputs and produces digital signals for analysis and feature extraction. The flexible and unique design meets customer requirements and specific applications, providing high-performance, cost- effective data acquisition.

In Progress: MWD Surveying Advancements

Modern DSP Technologies is in the process of creating a prototype that’s ready for integration with  MWD tools.

We are currently planning to adapt inertial navigation technology for surveying measurement in horizontal drilling applications. Our ultimate objective? A prototype for a MWD surveying tool that uses low cost interial sensors and hardware module for downhole sensor data processing. This will be an unprecedented advancement— enabling continuous surveying information, accuracy of magnetic surveying systems, cost-effective processing, and the eradication of issues associated with nonmagnectic drill collars usage.

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